Getting to Costa Bella

General Address:
Carretera Libre KM 36.7, Costa Bella, Playas de Rosarito, Baja California, 22710, MX

From San Diego take Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 south to the San Ysidro border crossing (at Tijuana), the freeway takes you right into Mexico.

The well maintained toll road (cuota) is fast and easy with beautiful ocean views. The toll highway is also patrolled by the "Green Angels," a mobile mechanic that will assist you in the event you have mechanical problems.  There are solar powered call boxes located about every two miles along the toll road. If you need help just pick up the phone and a bilingual operator will provide assistance.

On your way to Club Marena you will encounter 1 toll booth that will be approximately 32 pesos ($2.00 USD).

To get to the toll road from the border, bear to the right just after entering Mexico. As the road merges with other lanes get over to the far right as soon as possible to avoid missing the exit. Take the exit marked Playas de Tijuana Rosarito. This will take you to the road that runs along the international border (Avenida Internacional). You'll see the border fence to your right as you travel west. You'll stay on this road as you climb the first hill. Stay right and keep going straight.

As you drop down into the canyon, you'll want to take the right turn-off to the road going west (Ensenada Quota). As you merge, move over into the left lane. Going up the next hill Playas de Tijuana (the beach community of Tijuana) will be off to your right. The toll road to Club Marena goes to the left.

Just ahead is the toll booth. A toll fee of approximately $2.00 USD will take you all the way to Rosarito Beach. The 17 mile scenic trip will take about twenty minutes. It is a beautiful trip. Some of northern Baja California's most spectacular scenery is along this route that glides along the coast with its unblemished views of the Pacific Ocean.

At Rosarito Beach, there are four exits off the toll road. At the south end of town (4th Exit) there will be a sign for Las Rocas, Popotla. Take this exit.  If you miss it, you can turn into the PEMEX and cut through the parking lot, taking a left onto the Carretera Libre (free road).

Whether you get off at the Exit or the PEMEX – you will be turning left (continuing to head south) on the free road.  Please be aware of the many stop signs as you drive through the southern end of Rosarito.

The free road will take you past many shops and restaurants; then by Baja Studios, Popotla fishing village, the Boulevard 2000, Popotla Mobile Home Park (with a great restaurant and bar overlooking the ocean), Calafia towers.

Just after the curve that starts at the Calafia towers there will be a ½ constructed building, a small Market with a Tecate sign called La Costena #2 and a couple of other small buildings; then a break in buildings where you can see the ocean.  You can see the Costa Bella buildings at this point.  There is not much of a pull off to make the right turn directly into the Main Gate, so be sure to slow down.

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