Why use us? Who are we?

Baja Coastal Properties began in 2003, when a Las Gaviotas Owner, Rob Cromwell, realized that his neighbors were renting their homes, but were not being represented when it came to the care taken when people rented their properties.

His vision was to provide an alternate option, where owners and renters could come together, while representing and being present in the community.

In 2004, Rob partnered with another owner, Nancy, and their combined skills of customer service, accounting, and accountability, allowed them to create the business now known as Baja Coastal Properties.

With Rob and Nancy, homeowners in the community flocked to them, asking for proper representation for their own homes.  Additionally, Rob and Nancy decided to launch a website to help with the growing need from Las Gaviotas Homeowners.

Their intelligence and ability continued, as they were elected to the Las Gaviotas Homeowners Board.   Success continued, as they went on to hold the board for another 2 years.

The website was launched in 2006, and over 30 homeowners eventually called to be added. Immediately, the site was a success, and within 2 months it was number 2 in the world for Las Gaviotas Rentals.

In 2013, Rob passed away, and the business passed to Nancy and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Kaelyn.

Kaelyn brought in another partner in 2016, Heather, and they rebranded creating a US company, in order to take advantage of tax breaks for clients, and easier transfer of assets.

Heather passed away in 2020 and Kaelyn welcomed a new partner, Beth. The two now run Baja Coastal Properties.